It’s a great necklace, it always adds a creative touch that I like whether I’m wearing jeans or dressing up…

Gloria KnittleBethany Beach, DE

I absolutely love Lynne’s creative pieces that come from her soul. Each piece tells a different imaginary story. Her pieces need no words to express their magic.

Jennifer Coombs-KellyMullica Hill, NJ

I’m captivated by Lynne Robinson’s creativity and technique. The amazing blend of colors and interesting patterns produce uniquely beautiful and eye-catching works of art.

RosemariePike Creek, DE

Lynne is an enthusiastic teacher, passionate about sharing her love of alcohol ink, and makes her classes educational and fun at the same time. When you enter her home, you feel like you’ve stepped into a beautiful art gallery. I learned so many techniques, and she was patient, knowledgeable, and allowed me freedom to experiment while guiding me.

Meg ThompsonWilmington, DE