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Welcome to Dragonfly’s Wings – a place where you can find brilliantly colored designs created with alcohol-ink and delight.  Please take your time scrolling through my designs and enjoy the color, the intricate mingling of hues, and the designs they find themselves in.

Alcohol-ink is a fascinating medium to work in – affording a myriad of possibilities created by inking tiles, metals, or non-porous paper.  What starts out as a blank space ends up somewhere totally different than was originally planned – such is the nature of how the inks blend and dry and create their own world.


Shared Values

When you buy from a local person, you get a true personal treatment. Chances are good that Lynne’s values and interests are closer to yours than you may imagine.

Customer Service

When buying straight from the artist, you’re talking to a passionate person that has the knowledge first hand. Rewarding them with a purchase can only help to make their business more vibrant and the products better.

Money Invested in the Community

Money spent locally is likely to be spent locally again. This is a chain that can keep independent studios going for ever! That also works for areas you may not be local to but love to visit while on holidays or on days out.


Tired of going to several galleries or shops and seeing the exact same artwork and prints? If you want uniqueness then look no further! Every piece here is one of a kind.


Buying from a local artist directly will give you that necessary connection – meeting the artist is something special, but knowing that you are an integral part of  investing in that person or local business, is always a good thought to have.